Presentation – event in Lanjik Community Center

A big event devoted to the 22 anniversary of Armenia’s Independence and International Day of Peace took place today in Lanjik Community Center. The event was organized on the initiative of Lanjik School and Community Center officer Armenuhi Araqelyan. The goal of the event was also to present to the community members the new national costumes of Lanjik dance group, which were designed and sewed in the result of the project “United we can move mountains” worked out jointly by the village school and the Community Center.

The participants performed national dances, songs and poetry. The community members expressed their gratitude to the NGO “Women for Development” for the financial support in the purchase of the costumes, mentioning that beautiful dresses make the kids more enthusiastic and help them prepare new dances and organize events. The President of the NGO WFD Gohar Markosyan greeted the community members and expressed special gratitude to Lusine Oleyan, a village woman, who voluntarily sewed the dance group costumes.


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