Seminar on the topic “What is voluntary work”

Today Lanjik secondary school hosted Bobbie Seltzer, a Peace Corps volunteer, who conducted a seminar on the topic “What is voluntary work?” for more than 30 students of 10-12 grades. Bobbie has been in Armenia for more than 3 months and she collaborates with the NGO WFD as a volunteer. She told the schoolchildren who the volunteers are, what kind of work they do and she brought a lot of examples from her and her parents’ experience. The topic was a new one for the participants, and they asked the guest a lot of questions.

At the end of the meeting Letters of Appreciation were handed in to the Lanjik Community Center volunteers who have been active participants of the Community Center activities and encouraged the villagers to be more active and involved in the community issues thus making Lanjik community stronger and more mobilized.

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