“Our daily Bread”: Goghovit


Goghovit-Paros22 March, 2013 WFD working group and Sevan Amiryan, representative of “Paros” foundation visited Goghovit community. They discussed a few organizational and constructive questions about the bakery project in Goghovit.

The space for bakery is already chosen and constructions will probably start in April. They also discussed the purchase of necessary equipment.

“Our daily Bread” is a project proposed by Goghovit community center volunteers during the seminar on “Designing project proposals” conducted by WFD. WFD supported to submit the project to “Paros” foundation for fundraising.

One of project goals is to reduce the high level of unemployment in Goghovit with at least 4 workplaces.  At the same time, the bakery will provide cheaper, ecological clean and fresh bread on daily basis. The long-term goal of this project is to broaden its market and distribute bread to neighboring villages.

The project “Our Daily Bread” will support the demand for local flour, thus contribute to local agricultural development.