Project writing training in Goghovit

project_writing_1On 12th and 13th of September, specialists of WFD carried out a two-day training in the topic “Developing a winning project proposal” in Goghovit community, in the frames of the project “Community Mobilization through Increasing Participation, Healthy Lifestyle and Peace Education”. The training aimed to promote community initiatives through developing community active groups’ capacity in order to prepare project proposal and solve the existing community problems.

project_writingAs a result of the training, participants gained specific practical knowledge about the project structure, need assessment, correct presentation of problems, project monitoring and sustainability. Through exercises and practical assignments, participant got aquatinted with gantt chart and project budget. 
Out of the group of 13 participants three working groups were formed. With the direct supervision and assistance of WFD specialists during September 17th and October 2nd, the mentioned working groups developed three social projects. Two projects are aimed to organize children’s free time through different groups of dance-music and handicraft, and the third project is to establish a local bakery in the community.