Goethe Institute in Armenia assists Musayelyan community school

german_language_2On November 7, 2011 WFD hosted Julia Kramer the Representative of the German Goethe Institute in Armenia. The goal of this visit was to present books and didactic material to Musayelyan community school in Shirak region. This would make the teaching of German language more interesting and productive. Taking into consideration the knowledge and dedication of Yerazik Torosyan, the German teacher in Musayelyan community school, Gohar Markosyan the german_languagePresident of WFD, requested the German Embassy in Armenia to assist Musayelyan school with some German literature.

In reply to G. Markosyan’s letter Mrs. Kramer visited Musayelyan in October and got acquainted with the level of the German language among schoolchildren. She also learnt what the school lacks in order to better organize the German language classes.

german_language_1Already on November the 7th Julia Kramer visited WFD office and handed over teaching books, fiction, maps, videos in German, along with other materials necessary to organization different events.

“One of the main goals of the Goethe Institute is to raise the qualification of teachers and promote German language throughout the world. I work in Yerevan too, it is a necessary to assist the teachers there as well, but I saw that the life is harder in the village and it is more difficult to organize high level education. I am happy that this small contribution will help Musayelyan community to organize teaching using more effective and modern methods,” – mentioned Julia Kramer.