A new performance titled “One Drop of Honey” by Tsoghamarg Forum Theatre club

Members of Tsoghamarg community’s forum theater club have initiated staging a new performance titled “One Drop of Honey”. The topic was related to the community abandoned church, and forum theater club members decided to voice this issue through their performance. The title of performance was selected because of the conflict which arouse from a conversation between villagers.

Village mayor G.Barseghyan, council member M. Nersisyan, school teachers, youth and the elderly of the community attended the performance. Scenario was suggesting two priority ideas – village gasification and reconstruction of the abandoned church. The performance was rich in meaningful and enthusiastic discussions with the participation of everyone in the audience. As the result, everyone came to the conclusion that cultural preservation was a top priority and suggested their ways of resolving the issue through uniting forces.

The performance was also attended by the members of newly established Musayelyan forum theater club, and this was sort of a master class for them.