“How to Start You Own Business” training

On December 16-19, WFD NGO organized the first stage of “How to Start You Own Business” training for 10 youth from Sarapat consolidated community. The training was conducted by Artsashes Nikolyan, the head of Shirak branch of Strategic Development Agency and Anahit Hakobyan, WFD NGO’s business specialist.

The training program included topics such as motivation to start your own business, evaluating your business idea, market research, finance and management basics, marketing, etc. The training was also enhanced with practical assignments, which made it easier to process the theory.
As mentioned by training participants, it not only gave them professional knowledge, but also helped them objectively assess their potential and skills, which was helpful in the process of selecting their business ideas, as well as boosting their confidence in making their first steps.

Upon the end of the training, all participants received certificates of completion.
Currently, they are working on developing their business ideas, after which they will participate in the planned consultancy meetings. The best business ideas will be financed by WFD NGO.


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