The first meeting of “Sarapat” LAG

While providing humanitarian assistance to displaced persons from Artsakh, families of wounded and killed militaries, WFD NGO is gradually returning to its normal work thus trying to overcome the challenges and problems we all face in this difficult time.

The first meeting of “Sarapat” LAG was held last week. The participants of the 2-day working meeting were 40 participants from 8 settlements of Sarapat unified community. During the meeting, the main principles and advantages of the LEADER approach to the development of rural communities were once again referred to. Together with the participants the analysis of the community problems was carried out and the latter were grouped according to the main strategic directions. The draft Charter of the Sarapat LAG NGO was discussed and the applications for Sarapat LAG NGO membership were filled in.
Another point of the meeting agenda was election of the LAG NGO board members, president and his deputies, as well as the members of project Evaluation Committee. As a result of a secret ballot the following people were elected:
President – Anahit Khachatryan (Salut)
Deputies – Andranik Palyan (Poqr Sariar) and Armine Khachatryan (Tsoghamarg)
Board members – Emma Harutunyan (Torosgyugh), Anush Khachatryan (Salut) and Asia Mkrtchyan (Poqr Sariar).
Representatives from all 8 settlements were elected to the Evaluation Committee.
At the end of the meeting the participants congratulated each other and wished fruitful collaboration and effective work for the benefit of their communities.