Peace Exhibition 2010

peace exhibition

On May 15, 2010 Gyumri School #30 hosted Peace Exhibition with participation of more than 250 members of Peace Education Centers from 15 beneficiary schools of “Women for Development” NGO as well as school principals, teachers and parents. Through their drawings, posters and hand-made works schoolchildren tried to have their small contribution in the process of peace building, to present how they perceive peace and to prove that peaceful future depends on them. Schoolchildren’s parade marked the opening of the event followed by presentations of Peace Center activities in their respective schools delivered by the pupils who also spoke about their knowledge and skills. The entire event was accompanied by Centers’ members’ singing, dancing and reading out poems. Children created the Peace Wall, where they painted the palms of their hands, thus expressing their desire to live in a beautiful and peaceful world. The event finished with a circle-dance, which united all the participants.
Bishop Nshan, Spiritual Leader of the Center of Christian Education of Shirak Diocese was an honorary guest of the Peace Exhibition. He gave his blessings to the event and mentioned: “Jesus considers happy all those people who try to spread peace in their environment by teaching others to be kind and peaceful. With this regard “Women for Development” NGO is engaged in God-blessed activities by teaching peace and tolerance to children…”

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