Month of Peace

peace-month-3A Peace month was announced in all the beneficiary schools of the organisation in February – March 2010. The results of the Peace month were first summarised in Gyumri School #20 after J. Byron. Here pupils in 13 classes organised peace lessons, different events and a contest of children’s handwork related to peace was announced from March 1-26.


The goal of the Peace month was to summarise the results of the headmasters’ classes held on
peace-month-2the base of the manual “Peace and Conflict peaceful resolution Education”, to show the knowledge and skills pupils have gained. 
The lessons were interactive. Children got an opportunity to solve various conflict situations independently, to perform small plays, to prepare posters on the topic of peace, etc.
Third-year students of the English language department of Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute, who had their internships at School N20, actively participated in the Peace lessons. Razmik Grigoryan, a teacher to be and former member of “Peace Education” center and his fellow student Siranush Nalbandyan also conducted a peace lesson.

peace-month-4Caroline Ashton, Ph.D. Senior Research Associate of the organization “Search for Common Ground” also participated in one of the lessons.

The peace month ended with a round table discussion, the participants of which were teachers, representatives of the project staff, as well as Mesrop Ghalachyan, the Head of the National Institute of Education Shirak regional branch. All participants appreciated organization of Peace education in schools, emphasized the existence of the Manual for the teachers.
The teachers who have organized open lessons in the frames of the Peace month were awarded with letters of gratitude from WFD.