Working meeting in Aghveran: “Tolerance” manual

On March 9 -13 a discussion of the manual “Tolerance” envisaged for the pupils of 5 -9 grades and training for teachers took place in Aghveran. Gohar Markosyan, the President of WFD and Susanna Ghazaryan, the officer of Educational Department of WFD participated in it. The working meeting was organized by UNDP and the National Institute of Education.

tolerance-meetingParticipants of the meeting conducted by the consultant – expert Caroline Ashton were the authors of the manual, heads of the regional structures of the National Institute of Education, specialists of the requalification department, school teachers, parents, pupils, representatives of NGOs.

During the five-day hard work the participants got acquainted with the logical structure of the manual, methods of teaching. WFD representatives had an opportunity to make constructive proposals and justified comments on different topics, especially the chapter “Conflicts”.