“Gender and Conflict” in schools

gender and conflictsDecember 1-4, 2009 WFD conducted lessons on the topic “Gender and Conflict” were conducted in “Peace Education Centers” of some schools of Gyumri. During the lessons more than 85 schoolchildren of 7-9 grades received information on the history of the campaign “16 days of Activism Against Gender Violence”, joining their voice to the struggle against gender violence.

These lessons were valuable also because young boys and girls learned more about gender issues, gender differences and the most common conflicts that occur as a result of gender differences. They brought examples from their daily life.  Lively discussions were held especially on the issue of gender differences and equality.

Here are some of the opinions of the schoolchildren:
 “… a woman also can lead, but it is accepted that the man is a leader…”

“.. a boy should be clever. No, a girl also should be clever, tolerant, for me everybody is equal…”

“… in order not to have arguments, the boy and the girl should protect each other, no matter who it is  – a boy or a girl…”