OMNIBUS 1325: working meeting on November 14-17, 2009

A 4-day working meeting of the International peace-building network OMNIBUS 1325 took place on November 14-17, 2009 in Istanbul (Turkey). Susanna Ghazaryan, the Officer of Education Department of WFD and a member of the International peace-building network OMNIBUS 1325 also participated in the meeting.

OMNIBUS 1325The goal of the meeting was to summarize and evaluate the seminars on the topic “Gender in History and in the Memory”, which took place in September – October, 2009 in the Caucasus. It was very productive, especially that many trainers from the Caucasus had the opportunity to participate in this meeting and to share their experiences and opinions. The strategy for the coming 2-3 years was developed during the meeting and the activities for 2010 were planned. The meeting was organized by the NGO “OWEN” (Germany). 
According to the evaluation of the organizers, this meeting was another big contribution to the spread of peace throughout the world.