Community development consultant from Canada

Upon WFD’s invitation, Jim Wards,  a volunteer consultant from the Canadian organisation CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organisation) was working with the WFD staff and the beneficiaries from August 9-22.  Jim has been involved in the Community Development projects for the last 25 years and works mainly with vulnerable groups of the population, those who live in bad social conditions and need assistance. The goal of the visit was to get the WFD staff members acquainted with the international experience in rural community development, mobilisation and raising participation, promote raising effectiveness of the community centres’ work.

consultantAccording to the scheduled plan, Jim Wards conducted seminars for WFD staff and target community centers’ responsible persons on the topic “Some Thoughts re Community Development in Shirak Villages”. This kind of seminar was conducted in the village of Bayandur for the community general population as well.

As a result, a group of 13 volunteers was formed in Bayandur community, who are trying with the help of WFD to raise exact problems that concern their community and try to solve them. The space of the community center is used to conduct music and dance classes. The working plan for the coming 2 months and time frame of the activities is ready. By the end of this year the community center will have necessary equipment for conducting events, organizing the spare time of youth, chess club, the work on creation the community development strategic plan is in process.