Forum theatre as a tool of changes

A joint meeting of forum theatre groups’ members from Georgian IDP Women’s association “Consent” and “Women for Development” NGO took place on October 13 in Gyumri. The meeting was organized in frames of the project being implemented jointly by the members of Peacebuilders’ Regional Platform member organizations. The goal of the meeting was exchange of experience among the groups’ members as well as direct contacts among Armenian and Georgian youth.

The performances of both groups were very up to date and educational, and presented representatives of the 2 countries with their traditions, daily life and interpersonal relations. From the very beginning of the meeting a warm and relaxed atmosphere was established, and it gave the audience an opportunity to get quickly involved in the game, actively discuss the protagonist and antagonist characters and suggest personal options for solution of the conflict by changing the roles.

The meeting was very productive, and it was proved by the enthusiasm of the participants and their willingness to stay longer with each other. The professional and experienced performance of the Georgian forum group members became a stimulus for our participants to work harder and improve.