Children React to the Problems through Forum-Theatre Groups

The members of Torosgyugh and Tsoghamarg Forum-theatre groups staged “A Drop of
Water” and “For Honor” performances in Torosgyugh, Hoghmik and Goghovit
communities on April 11-26. The Forum-theatre group in Tsoghamarg performed “A
Drop of Water” in Torosgyugh and Hoghmik secondary schools, whilst Torosgyugh
Forum-theatre group was hosted by Goghovit secondary school. The purpose of the
mutual visits of the Forum-theatre group members was to share their experiences,
present the issues actual in their respective communities, and also make new friends
from neighboring communities.
The performances and the issues raised through those performances were very interesting and inspiring for the abovementioned communities. At the end there was a heated discussion among the audience who suggested numerous ways to the solution of the problems.
The heads of the Forum-theatres too, find those mutual visits positive. They exchange with experiences, successes and issues raised during the work.
The audience of the Forum-theatres mainly consists of parents and teachers, who in their turn highlight the importance of such groups in their communities and value mutual visits of this kind. By their words, those groups helped children not only develop acting skills but also gain confidence, perform freely in front of large audience, as well as be able to view the problems from different angles, analyze and find peaceful resolutions to the existing conflicts.


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