Peace and conflict resolution education in schools: guidebook for teachers, 2008

Publication of “Peace and Conflict Resolution Education” handbook for teachers was carried out by “Women for Development” NGO as the result of “Peace Education and Conflict Resolution in Schools of Gyumri” project implemented in 2002-2007.
The organization received financial support for project implementation and publication of this handbook from Church Development Service /EED/, Germany and Interchurch Organization for Development of Cooperation /ICCO/, The Netherlands organizations. EED and ICCO do not carry responsibility for the opinions expressed in this handbook.
Handbook is designed for the teachers of public schools, however, it can also be useful for NGOs working in the sphere of peace education, students of teacher training institutes and universities and all specialists and individuals, who are interested in peace building and conflict resolution.
“Peace and Conflict Resolution Education” handbook is comprised of two major parts: Conflict Management and Peace Lessons.
Conflict Management 1st part contains “What is Peace?”, “What Causes Conflicts?”, “Deepening the Conflict”, “Conflict Resolution Possibilities”, “Types of Conflict Resolution”, and other topics.
Peace Lessons 2nd part includes “What is Peace Education?”, “Peace Culture”, “Peace Missions of International
Organizations”, “Sadako and a Thousand White Cranes”, “Leadership and Conflict”, “Gender and Conflict”,
and other topics.
Handbook also contains practical exercises, examples, methodological instructions for teachers with the goal of
organizing classes in an interactive way.
The handbook was successfully piloted among approximately 300 pupils of 6-9th grades and 20 teachers from 10
schools of Shirak region, as well as 35 students of Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute.

Handbook for teachers 2008