The first Harvest of Torosgyugh greenhouse

Members of Torosgyugh farmer group gathered their first harvest from the newly opened greenhouse. Kids from kindergarten were the ones to taste the first fruits of cucumber 4kg in total. In several days they will also taste ecologically clean tomato of the greenhouse.

By the words of “Toros” consumer cooperative president M. Hakobyan, community members become more enthusiastic with each newly grown fruit and work with even greater devotion. Community members in their turn stress the importance of the trainings and the theoretical knowledge gained within the project.
The project expert Gevorg Petrosyan recently held training on plant pruning, cultivation, as well as means of struggle against fungal diseases and the parasites.

Members of the cooperative received electrical and manual syringes, a watering can, certain quantity of fertilizers made from raw materials and other equipments necessary for the care of the greenhouse plants.


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P.S. The project is implemented jointly by “Women for Development” and “Biosophia” non-governmental organizations with the financial support of “Armenian Caritas” Benevolent NGO.