Meeting of partner organizations at WFD NGO office

syunik ngoOn March 4, WFD NGO hosted representatives from “Syunik-Development” NGO based in Yeghegnadzor marz. The aim of the visit was the exchange of experience achieved mutually in the field of community development projects.

WFD NGO president G. Markosyan and Community Development project coordinator A. Shiroyan presented the objectives of the NGO’s ongoing project and the achievements. A more detailed reference was made to the activities implemented in frames of the community development project, to the small grant projects carried out in the beneficiary communities and the best practices.

In her turn, “Syunik-Development” NGO’s Social Development project officer and coordinator Tatev Harutyunyan presented their experience and achievements in the field of nature protection and community social development.

The meeting was useful for both sides, as the two organizations are working in the same fields and aim to support communities in resolving the existing problems via educational, social and development projects.


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