The Founding meeting of “Torosgyugh” Consumer Cooperative

Founding meeting of Torosgyugh farmers’ group was held on May 13. The agenda of the meeting covered several issues:

1.​ Final approval of the name for the cooperative.
2.​ Introduction, discussion and approval of the cooperative regulation.
3.​ Procurement and operation of the cooperative means, fixing of the membership fees.
4.​ Election of the cooperative governing bodies, i.e. election of the members of Administrative and Control Committees.
5.​ Preparation of the set of documents to be submitted for the registration of the cooperative.

Myasnik Hakobyan, president of the farmers’ group conducted the meeting with the support and counselling of the expert Gevorg Petrosyan and “Lukashin agricultural” consumer cooperative president Vardges Davtyan.

“Torosgyugh” consumer cooperative was selected as a title out of the several names suggested by the group members. At the suggestion of the group members 3 governing bodies of the administrative and control committees were elected by open vote, while minimum membership rate necessary for the new cooperative was set 5000 AMD.

The preparation of the documents necessary for the registration of the cooperative as an organization operating in the field of agriculture, as well as the preparation of the membership cards and the logo of the cooperative is in process at present. ։

At the end of the meeting the group members and the quests visited the area where the greenhouse is being build, got acquainted with the ongoing works, provided necessary consultation support. ։


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“Capacity building in agriculture in the rural communities of Shirak marz for green future” project is implemented jointly by “Women for Development” and “Biosophia” non-governmental organizations. The project is financed in frames of “Armenian Caritas” Benevolent NGO “Aramazd: For the Community, with the Community” small grants programme.