Monitoring and Evaluation of the Project

Tsovinar Ghazaryan, Programme Officer at World Council of Churches Armenia Inter-Church Round Table Foundation, and Buba Tsirekidze, Programme Officer at “HEKS EPER” Office South Caucasus visited Gyumri to conduct the monitoring and evaluation of the project “Let’s Live in Peace with Our Neighbours”.

First they had a meeting at WFD NGO, where they received a detail account of project’s whole duration, achievements and the feedback. Buba Tsirekidze stressed the importance of spreading the published cards and calendars among the partners, various international organizations and schoolchildren mentioning that their usage in everyday life is another way for us to ponder over peace and strengthen the idea about peace in our own minds.

Afterwards, they made a visit to Gyumri Hayordyats House and met with Astghik Yedigaryan, teachers of drawing and carving club, as well as with the children, who had participated in the contest, and their parents.

Children presented their paintings to the guests and tried to explain how they saw peace, which were the ways for establishing peace among neighbouring countries. The parents too highlighted the importance of spreading peace ideas among children, stating that today, more than ever people need peace, and hence projects of this kind are quite essential. Meantime, they suggested that children from neighbouring countries were also involved in such contests and if possible, jointly drew, composed and pondered over peace. It is possible to have peace only when the involvement of all the parties is ensured.

Based on the impact and positive feedback of the project both the project evaluators and the parents came up with an offer to make such contests annual.

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