The Second Commission Sitting of Small Grants Projects

On August 17 the second phase of the call for small grant projects announced in frames of “Community based rural development and peacebuilding through peace education” 2014-2016 project took place. The project is being implemented by WFD NGO.

The competition commission was presented by A. Sargsyan – Torosgyugh village mayor, V. Arakelyan-Arpeni village mayor, L. Asatryan – secretary of Tsoghamarg municipality, two independent experts; G. Avagyan – head of “Shirak Competitiveness Center” and Lusine Aleksandryan – head of “Local Democracy Agency” foundation in Armenia. President G. Markosyan, coordinator A. Shiroyan and financial officer Y. Petrosyan from WFD NGO were present in the commission.

Before the new proposals were discussed, a representative from each community reported on the achievements and the successes gained in the previous phase of the projects. Later on proposals of social projects submitted by the 4 beneficiary communities of WFD NGO – Torosgyugh, Lanjik, Arpeni and Tsoghamarg were discussed. Priority was given to those projects that had community development as an overall direction, while a mandatory requirement was that the project objectives were in line with the issues raised in the community development strategic plans.

As a result, 4 projects submitted by the communities that received the highest points were approved by the commission.

Here go the selected 4 projects:

1.​ “Lanjik as a cultural community” project – purchase of modern dancing costumes for the new dancing group of Lanjik community

2.​ “Happy childhood” project – purchase of favorite cartoon hero costumes for children in Torosgyugh

3.​ “A toilet for Arpeni Events Hall” project

4.​ Continuation of the restoration works for Tsoghamarg community Events Hall.

Deadline for the project implementation is December, 2015.

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