Tsoghamarg community will soon have an Events Hall

In the contest of small grants projects announced in frames of the project “Rural Community Development and Peacebuilding through Peace Education” Tsoghamarg community submitted the community events hall reconstruction project. Having an events hall is one of the main urgent issues for the community, as the building of the former kindergarten which is now being used for holding large scale events by the community population has to be renovated. The building was constructed about 20 years ago and hasn’t been renovated since then: the window glass is broken, the windows and the doors became improper and are to be changed, the floor needs repairing, the power lines are damaged, because of which the hall has no electricity supply, etc. The project has been elaborated and designed through joint efforts of Tsoghamarg village head, municipality employees, Community Center activists and community members.

Starting from May a group of community volunteers undertook active participation in the reconstruction work of the events hall. Part of the floor is already renovated, necessary changes are made inside the building, new windows and doors are already ordered, etc. The village head Gnel Barseghyan actively participates in the construction work and thus encourages the community members to get involved in the work even more actively. The community members have made financial contribution in the amount of 10% of the project total cost.

By the end of the year Tsoghamatg community will have a renovated events hall, which can be used by 119 village families.


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