“Opening door for rural women entrepreneurs” project

Our collaboration with Giving Women has already started. We are happy to become a member of Giving Women network.
Soon we’ll launch the project “Opening door for rural women entrepreneurs” project with their financial support.

Project brief review

Opening door for rural women entrepreneurs” project submitted to Giving Women will be implemented in 3 rural communities of northern Armenia which are the main beneficiary communities of WFD NGO. The main goal of the project is: To improve the quality of life of village women and their families. The project will give the opportunity to more than 30 women to receive basic knowledge and skills with regards to managerial, organisational and legal procedures of starting a business, to gain skills in accounting and tax responsibilities, in market analysis, in developing small business plans as well as to get information about the loan programs available in Armenia.

6-8 entrepreneur women, who have successfully participated and completed the training courses in the frames of the project “Opening Doors for Rural Entrepreneurs”, on competitive basis will receive start-up grants in order to establish their own business.

As a result of the project: 3 communities have about 8 small businesses managed by women; established businesses provide stable financial income and improve their families living conditions;positive cultural changes among rural community population.