Visit of WFD NGO’s represantatives to Tbilisi

The representatives of the NGO WFD were invited to participate in the conference of the project “JOIN Inclusive Economic Development and Governance in the South Caucasus “, which took place in on October 29 Tbilisi, Georgia. The goal of the conference was to summarize the work carried out in the frames of the project, to speak about common problems in both countries and to share experience in the development of approaches to their solutions.
The participants of the conference were representatives of governments of Georgia and Armenia, NGOs, representatives of the business sector and International organizations working in both countries.
The discussed issues were “Development planning at municipal and regional levels: theory and practice”, “Involvement of private sector and civil society in development planning”, “Access to information for rural development”.
The coordinator of the NGO WFD project “Rural community development” Armine Shiroyan presented the experience of the organization in the sphere of community development as a practice case of inclusive local development planning in Armenia.