Event – presentation in Lanjik community

On the initiative of Lanjik Community Center a joint event-presentation of Lanjik and Torosgyugh dance groups took place on August 16. The goal of the event was to show cast the traditional Armenian dance costumes made through financial support of “Paros” foundation, as well as to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Armenian Catholic Youth Union (ACYU) of Lanjik.

The community dance groups performed in new colorful costumes and with a new repertoire. The new national dances staged by the choreographers were warmly greeted by the audience. Together with the members of ACYU, who have 5-year experience, young dancers from Torosguygh and Lanjik performed making their first steps on the stage.

The participants of the event expressed their gratitude to “Paros” foundation, the Balyan family for providing Lanjik and Torosgyugh communities with such wonderful present and making an unforgettable holiday.

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