915,000 AMD

That’s $2,231.71. It’s a lot of money with the power to change whole villages.
Women for Development NGO,* an Armenian “nonprofit,” has a mission. Among other things, WFD’s projects focus on implementing poverty reduction in Armenia through economic development.

WFD and I are currently raising funds to send 4 women, one each from 4 different rural villages, for professional training as hairdressers. This is how the funds** will be spent:
$1,014.63 Materials: scissors, trimmers, capes, etc. (hairdryers are the most expensive item);
$    585.37 Training: for 4 women to Fes House for training (3 days/wk for 5 weeks);
$    631.71 Transportation: bringing 4 women to Gyumri from their villages via marshutni (public transportation van).

It’s important to know that the communities are behind this project and will contribute 40% of the cost as “in-kind” donations such as providing the space for apprentice training and the initial hairdressing location. WFD is donating training expertise (for the basic bookkeeping and marketing) and project supervision. Of course, the village residents are committed to support their new hairdressers.

Having a professional hairdresser in their village will not only save families time and money, not having to travel to the city for services, but will be a source of pride. A greater benefit is that the limited funds are kept circulating within the village economy.

Won’t you join us in making a difference in the lives of 4 women that will, in turn, affect entire villages?
It’s easy.

Visit the Peace Corps website to donate. Please consider spreading the word about the project. We appreciate every effort to help us get this project underway.

Thank you in advance for your support.
Bobbie S
Peace Corps Armenia, 2013-15


*WFD works with women living in Shirak Marz to overcome psychological and economic hardship. Through continuous systematic training, WFD gives them the tools to identify and solve their communities’ problems.
**915,000 Armenian drams at an exchange rate of 410 AMD to $1 = $2,231.71.