”Let’s Shape Our Future Ourselves” training course

On 25-30 April,2014 the volunteer of Tsoghamarg village Community Center Arpine Nikolyan participated at the training course “Let’s Shape Our Future Ourselves” in Hermon village of  Vayots Dzor region (Armenia). The training was organised by  “Syunik-Development ” NGO in the frames of  “Youth in active” project.

Participants included 24 representatives from Armenia, Georgia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine. ”Let’s Shape Our Future Ourselves” TC was aimed at providing rural youth workers and youth leaders with competences to build the capacities of young people as leadersand encourages civic activism in their communities. The training course was facilitataed by trainers Anna Yeghoyan from Armenia and Ekaterina Sherer from Spain, who contributed their own positive experience in youth field.

Programme consisted of the following parts:

–  Getting to know each other and background, creating the group, building up mutual understanding of the role of young people in rural communities in different countries, as well as sharing their economical and social situation.

–  Understanding of the role of the leader, competences needed to be effective in the community, youth work, tools for engagement of Young people in the community life, project management and creating skills.

–  Application of competences developed during those days in local communities, development of concrete tools for engagement of young people in concrete communities of participants.

–  Development of personal action plans of participants, planning next steps for follow up within the group and evaluation of the course.

During training course the participants organized cultural evening and buffet. In that event they had special guests from local government, representative of media, cultural and educational institutions. Participants had an opportunity to present their country so they made presentations about the traditional habits and symbols of their culture, music from their country, traditional costumes, traditional food, local drinks, traditional dances, a flag and information about their culture and country.


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