International Peace Day

interntional day of peaceAs a rule, the members of the peace education centres participate in the celebration of International Peace Day, on the 21st of September. Different activities and events, including peace walks, peace exhibitions, are usually organized within this framework.

During this walk, students hold colouful balloons with different words describing peace and they were giving it to people passing by- as a sing of spreading peace.

At school N29, the students presented various types of weapons. They suggested different ways of spending the financial sources, which are spent on producing weapons annually.

Usually, students talk about the roots of the International Peace Day, about the UN Peacekeeping mission around the world and make paper cranes as a symbol of peace. Students also share their definition of peace and hopes about the future of our world on a poster.


Here is how some of the students describe peace:

“Peace is the ability to forgive”, Christina Stepanyan, 7th grade, school N40

“Peace is something great, and the person who chooses peace is a happy person”, Ani Asatryan, 8th grade, school N26

“Peace is very important for me; for me it is friendship”, Marlen Asatryan, 6th grade, school N40


un_peace day_2010In 2010, a group of peace education centre members were invited to participate in the Peace day celebration at the UN in Yerevan. Students had prepared a presentation and a performance to spread their hope about a more peaceful and secure world.