Study visit to Machanents Tourism and Art Center

Another impressive and memorable day was organized for the participants of Youth Entrepreneurship Academy project. In frames of the project’s study visits component, our beneficiary youth visited “Machanents Tourism and Art” Center, which has been operating as a social enterprise since 2010. The center is appealing for visitors of any age and preference. National cuisine, museum, galleries, various art clubs, master classes, winery museum, guesthouse and many other unique services are combined at this cozy place.

Youth took a tour of the center, became familiar with the history of its establishment, club activities taking place here, rich national culture and history represented in the museums and galleries, innovative cuisine based on optic mirrors, as well as got to taste the locally prepared food.

For their investment in the development and promotion of the Armenian culture as well as unique innovative and creative approaches, in May, 2021 the social enterprise received the title of “Machanents Cultural Fortress” from the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia.

After the tour and food tasting, youth had a very interesting meeting with an artist and businessman, the founder of the “Armenian Unity Cross” charitable cultural NGO and “Machanents Cultural Fortress”, Grigor Machanents Babakhanyan. “From Dream to Reality” – this would be a good title for the educational conversation between youth and Grigor Machanents. He shared his rich experience and lessons leant with them and how 35 years ago, when he was only 17 years old, he started to earn his first income and how he followed his dream and broke many stereotypes on this path. He told the youth how to present even the simplest thing, such as a rock, under an interesting light and give this thing a new “soul”. In his speech, Grigor Machanents kept emphasizing the importance of consistent development of all regions and communities and utilizing youth’s input locally. Conversation-lecture with Grigor Machanents was full of practical advice and quotes from his own book, titled “Marketing without Rules”. Upon the end of the meeting, Mr. Grigor presented his “Clue of my Mind” book – collection of poetry and art work, as a gift to the youth centers.

This memorable day ended with a visit to Mother See of Saint Echmiadzin cathedral.

Photos from the visit