“Tolerance and Conflict Management”: training for teachers

On November 18 -19, 27 teachers from 16 schools of Shirak province took part in the “Tolerance and Conflict Management” two-day training organized by WFD. The training was conducted by Gohar Markosyan, project director of “Peace and Conflict Resolution in Schools” and Susanna Ghazaryan, head of Education Department of WFD.  Main topics of the training were the following:

  • Tolerance.
  • Peace and Conflicts. The Causes of Conflicts.
  • Conflict Analysis.
  • Strategy of Behavior during Conflict Situations.
  • Conflict Resolution Skills, Principles and Methods.

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The training was conducted in an interactive way, included group works and discussions. Teachers came up with many suggestions and exchanged their experience. 
All participants confirmed that this seminar was very valuable and that tolerance and peace culture education must begin from the teachers who must be role models for their pupils. One of the teachers mentioned that she is going “to take home with her” the skills and knowledge acquired during the seminar, as she believes that peace begins in the family and if there is an environment of peace and tolerance in each family, then it will certainly enter the school, community and the country.
With the goal of receiving more measurable results, most of the participants proposed to organize such trainings occasionally and, if possible, involve a larger number of principals, teachers and parents.