Establishment of community centres in the selected villages

Initial selection of project beneficiary villages was conducted back in June-July 2007. With this goal meetings were organized with village mayors, nurses and teachers from more than 12 villages and a survey was conducted among them. The goal of the survey was to find out the issues faced by the village, the willingness of local community to resolve those issues, the willingness of community members to cooperate with the organization, etc. Thus, as the result of the conducted survey, the following villages of Shirak province were selected: Lanjik, Goghovit, Musayelyan, Lusakert and Meghrashat. However, later Meghrashat and Lusakert villages were replaced with Krashen and Bayandur. In case of Meghrashat, the change was caused by the fact that The Union of Shirak NGOs initiated a similar project in this village and in case of Lusakert – difficulties were encountered in terms of selection of space for the community center.

In Goghovit, Lanjik and Krashen villages, community centers were allocated in the village administration buildings; in Bayandur – in the building of former House of Culture. With the support of the village mayor and school principal, school building of Musayelyan village temporarily hosted the community center. Selection of spaces was followed by renovation, which was implemented by WFD NGO with a large stake of community contributions. During renovation stage it seemed that village mayors became WFD staff members. It was a real pleasure to watch how enthusiastically they were implementing renovation works and how proud they were to tell their friends about inclusion of their village in the project.