A pleasant surprise for Lanjik kindergarden’s kids

A pleasant surprise was waiting for Lanjik community kindergarten today as a result of the collaboration between Nish Boyajian Memorial Foundation and “Women for Development” NGO. As a social support they donated the kindergarten toilets, wash basins, washstands, toys for child development, illustrated books, visual materials and toys. It was possible to bring the project to life due to the contributions made by our compatriots in Massachusetts State in the USA, who during the regular charity dinner had their financial investment in the improvement of the conditions of Lanjik kindergarten.

We can’t find words to describe the happiness and joy of the kids when they woke up and saw such a big quantity of interesting toys in the playroom; they immediately rushed there to play with them.

Director of the kindergarten and the staff thanked Nish Boyajyan Foundation and WFD NGO for their support. Ara Mardoyan, Lanjik village mayor, promised to help the kindergarten to install the toilets and the washstands within the fortnight.

On behalf of “Women for Development” NGO and Lanjik community we extend our thanks to Nish Boyajyan Memorial Foundation for their support to Lanjik kindergarten.

We highly appreciate your patriotic work in bringing your significant contribution to the development of Armenian rural communities.

P.S. WFD NGO has also applied to Boyajyan foundation with a request to construct a playground for the kindergarten’s children and we hope that in a while kids of Lanjik kindergarten will have a beautiful and comfortable playground as well.


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