“Thanks to WFD, I now have a job…”

Tsovinar 1“It has been already three years since WFD established a community center in Arpeni. The meetings and events organized at the center were something new, interesting and also very important for me. Every Saturday and Sunday has been working days for me, because I was volunteering for the children’s group formed within the community center. We organized reading and painting activities, watched cartoons and played intellectual games. This made my and children’s daily life more interesting and effective.

My efforts and motivation were appreciated by WFD and I was given the opportunity to participate in the compute courses. Ever since, a lot has changed in my life. During these three months I gained comprehensive knowledge and skills to use and teach computer classes. Thanks to WFD, I now have a job.  Community members have started to treat me differently – they value my work. This is the reason, why more and more women express willingness to join the courses. These are the most important things that motivate me and give me higher sense of responsibility to do and to bring my best for Arpeni.” 

Tsovinar Davtyan, Arpeni