Staff Capacity Building

On October 21-25 Armine Shiroyan and Susanna Ghazaryan participated in a 5-day training “Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation” organized by INTRAC (the International NGO Training and Research Center). The training was held in Oxford, the UK.
The need for participation in this training course drew from the activities of our organization and our needs. Monitoring and evaluation is a part of our work, and we have a gap in our knowledge and skills in this area. Especially it concerns the community development part of the project which I am responsible for and in which we have little experience. From this point of view the training was a real need for us.
The training was organized for representatives of non-governmental organizations and individuals involved in evaluation work. The goal of the course was to build on participants’ understanding and skills how to develop sustainable and cost effective monitoring and evaluation processes and practices within their own projects and organization. The training course also helped improve and enhance existing M&E processes, as well as develop and implement effective M&E.
The main topics under discussion were:
 Key terms and concepts
 Characteristics of good M&E
 Methods and Tools for M&E
 Approaches and Methodologies to M&E processes
 M&E in complex organizations

The information provided during the training, the handouts and the materials are very useful and can be used in the future work of our organization. At present they are in the process of translation into Armenian, so as they can be transformed into Armenian reality and used in the work with the target communities.

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