Peace Month

peace month 1A “Peace month” was announced in all PEC in March 2010. Peace month served as an opportunity to summarise and present students understanding and interpretation of peace with larger audience. Activities included play performances, peace walk, discussions and debates, exhibition of artworks and were mostly suggested by students.

At Gyumri School #20, 13 classes organised different peace promoting activities. From 1-26th of March, a contest of students’ artworks in peace theme was announced.

A group of third-year students from Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute were having their internship at School N20, and actively participated in the Peace month.

The peace month was concluded with a round table discussion and Mesrop Ghalachyan, the Head of the National Institute of Education Shirak branch also present at the discussion.

“During the Peace month at our school, we were assigned to share what we have learned about peace and conflict with other students who are not PEC members. Our group decided to organize a session for elementary school students. Together with the children we analyzed a few Armenian fairytales and then let them to suggest peaceful solution ideas. At the end we taught them how to make paper cranes, as a international symbol of peace. I hope they too will become peace promoters in among their friends and families.” Arpine Petrosyan, School #29