About WFD

We are a local NGO based in Gyumri, who promote sustainable and peaceful development in Armenia



WFD works with the National Institute of Education and schools towards introducing the main course of peace and conflict resolution education among more schoolchildren through Armenia.

Through the peace education course we:

  • Aim to improve the quality of educational services provided in schools.
  • Strive to contribute to peaceful conflict management in schools and communities.
  • Seek to include the course of peace and conflict resolution education in the school curriculum.
  • Seek to promote the culture of tolerance and respect in the region.

Peace education centres have been established in 16 schools.
Peace education centre was formed at the Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute.
Almost 20% of schools in Armenia are involved in this project.


The second major division of WFD’s work is community development in the Shirak region. More than 80% of the communities in the Shirak region have been covered within the health care and human rights projects. Eight community centres have been established in the Shirak region.

Through our projects we:

  • Aim to promote local development.
  • Create healthy and peaceful communities in Armenia.
  • Empower women.