“Torosgyugh Talking Walls”

“Torosgyugh Talking Walls” – this is how the new initiative of the village Active Youth Group members is called. As the authors of the initiative say, the idea came during the renovation and graffiti painting of the walls of the Youth Center. The goal of the project is to give new life and colors to dull buildings of the community by using the street art direction. The opinion and the interests of the community are definitely taken into consideration while choosing the design topics. According to the authors, the project also has an educational significance: to make the portraits and words of great Armenian writers and heroes available to the youth of the community, thus instilling patriotism and love for their own culture.The community population are also enthusiastic about this idea and they say that “Talking Walls” will not only give new images and freshness to the community but also contribute to development of tourism.It should be mentioned that the project is implemented by the financial means of the foundation established in Torosgyugh through support of WFD NGO, which are formed from the rental of the dishes in the community events hall.