“28th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth”

WFD NGO employee Arpine Nikolyan  participated  in the Herrsching Leadership Training Course 2017 within the framework of the ‘’28th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth’’ held in the House of Bavarian agriculture Herrsching, Germany, from 9th to 22nd August 2017. It was organized by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. 100 participants from 60 different countries of 5 continents attended the ‘’Inspiration from diversity’’ workshop.

The international workshop conveyed modern strategies for education and project work to participants, based on practice-related examples. The training course included the following subjects: methods of group work, enhancing personal abilities and talents, creativity techniques, methodical cooperation skills, conflict management skills, motivation of, leadership by and challenges faced by leaders, communication and presentation techniques, evaluation methods and basics of qualified feedback, use of didactic tools.

The workshop consisted of three parts. The first part of the workshop dealt with conveying and developing leadership skills. The second part focused experiences available to global challenges, local solutions and implementation strategies. The third part of the workshop dealt with the evaluation of results achieved during the workshop and contents of the workshop. During the workshop participants had also technical excursions and guided tours such as a guided tour to the Andechs Monastery, to Munich, through the Art Galery in the House of the Bavarian Agriculture Herrsching and  excursion to the Bavarian Alps . Participants also visited to the Concentration Camp Memorial Site in Dachau. During the closing ceremony the Minister of Food and Agriculture of Germany was also present who handed the participants their certificates.