A working meeting with the directors of NIE branches

The fourth working meeting with the directors of the provincial branches of the National Institute of Education was held on March 24-25. During the 2-day meeting WFD NGO presented the activities carried out for the last year, while the NIE directors presented their formal and non-formal observations on the work done in schools of the provinces/marzes. The participants of the meeting also discussed what changes were possible to make in the Project’s approaches to increase the interest of the NIEs, school principals, teachers and students in running Peace Education classes.

In frames of the meeting the NIE directors also visited Torosgyugh to participate in the forum-theatre organized in the village. The performance aimed to give a more complete overview of the forum-theatre methodology which is a widely used alternative for conflict resolution. Both the format and the theme of the forum-theater were very interesting and the guests got easily involved in the discussions, by actively taking the place of the “actors” and suggesting their own ways of conflict resolution. At the end of the performance the NIE directors highlighted the idea of the forum-theatre as an interesting and innovative method in conflict management and offered to use it in schools of their provinces as well.  

At the end of the meeting WFD NGO together with NIE directors discussed the further steps and the coming projects related to Peace Education.


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