Forum-theatre with the participation of Torosghyugh children

forum theatre

Last week schoolchildren in Torosghyugh cheered their peers with forum-theatre performances in a new and interesting format. Forum-theatre or the interactive theatre itself is both a theatrical genre and a tool revealing social issues meantime. The forum-theatre organized by “Women for Development” NGO aimed to find solutions to the issues raised by schoolchildren through using this method as a tool for conflict management.

The schoolchildren chose themes quite challenging today and directly dealing with their peers, a reason why the audience welcomed the performances so enthusiastically. Teachers and pupils present at the forum-theatre also started to actively discuss them and suggest variants for their solution. An audience came to replace one of the “actors” and changed the end of the performance with his suggested version of solution.

Forum-theatre brought great joy to the audience making them express various opinions, suggestions, contradictory viewpoints and numerous means of conflict resolution. The most important thing here was that the forum-theatre served to its purpose giving pupils a chance to think and ponder over concrete topics.

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