Adopt a project

Project Name: Dresses for “Musaler” dance group

Short Description: Musayelyan is located in Ashotsq area of Shirak region. Aside from the far situation, roads are in extreme condition, and the only public bus connecting Musayelyan to Gyumri runs once in a week.

Despite all of these, WFD helped to arrange an agreement with a dance tutor from Gyumri, to organise dance group for children, called “Musaler”. The classes are held twice in a week. For children this is an extraordinary opportunity to practice national Armenian dances in the village and remain close to the traditional roots.

There is no appropriate event building in the village, therefore their performances usually take place in the destroyed building of a market. Yet, this does not affect the tutor’s, children’s and their parents’ excitement and appreciation of this opportunity.

However, children lack appropriate traditional dresses and dance shoes. The tutor manages to borrow dresses from a group based in Gyumri, each time they have a performance or a special event. We believe that they deserve more. Owning dance dresses and appropriate shoes will motivate and encourage children and their parents. We propose to purchase two dance dresses and a pair of appropriate shoes for the children.

Region: Musayelyan village, Shirak region

Budget / Amount Needed: $2700

Impact: Appropriate dance dresses and shoes will not only encourage children but also their parents. It is amazing to observe how children who live in such a remote area, sing patriotic songs and perform traditional dances. New dresses and shoes will serve as a source of motivation for them. This will also allow them to performances outside of Musayelyan, for neighbouring villages.

Dresses and shoes will not be individual for each child, rather they will be given to the school as community’s property. Each child who joins the group will be able to use the dresses.

Supervision: Parents will choose, order and buy the dresses, whereas WFD will carry the entire responsibility and supervision of the project.


Project Name: Armenian “Avelouk”

Short Description: Shirak region has rich supply of different natural herbs and plants, which are also used in the local cuisine. Some of them, like “avelouk” is unique for this region. Avelouk grows in the mountains and is well-known for its healthy benefits, healing and nutritious values.

Avelouk can be found only in the market for limited period during the year. But avelouk can be dried, packed and sold in the stores throughout the year. This can create jobs for up to ten women in Arpeni. Avelouk can be harvested and dried in special areas during the summertime. After collecting, it can be packed and brought into the market. It will secure the women’s employment for the most part of the year.

In order to commence the project, it is necessary to have a suitable drying area and drying materials. A rented car will be required to transfer the product from the village. Partnership should be targeted to larger chain of supermarkets. Marketing of the product should highlight its organic nature and nutritious values.

Region: Arpeni village, Shirak region

Budget / Amount Needed: $ 2500

Impact: The project will create up to ten jobs in Arpeni.

Supervision: Arpeni community center will assist with organisational questions, whereas WFD will carry the responsibility and supervision throughout the project.