Peace Education

During the period 2002-2017

  • At least 62% of 1,364 schools in Armenia are involved in the project.
  • More than 6 000 teachers from Armenia’s 850 schools are trained.
  • About 70 000 schoolchildren participated in Peace Education lessons and gained necessary Conflict Management skills.
  • Conflicts with violent outcome at schools have decreased by 70%.
  • 3 methodological handbooks, a guidebook for teachers with the didactic materials and an Evaluation report on the impact of Peace Education on the schoolchildren are published.
  • Peace Education is institutionalized.


Community Development 

During the period 2008-2019

  • Actively functioning Community Centers in the target communities
  • About 120 volunteers taking active participation in raising local problems, as well as in decision making  processes
  • 4-year Strategic Development plans of the target communities
  • 23 implemented social projects (about 20% of funds are gained through local fundraising)
  • More than 4000 women and young girls with necessary knowledge on reproductive health, reproductive rights, family   planning and HIV/AIDS prevention
  •  About 50 women and youth with computer knowledge and skills
  • About 20 young women with relevant knowledge and capacities on initiating small businesses
  •  4 women-led active businesses